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Baxyl® - Hyaluronic Acid Joint Supplement

Baxyl® - Hyaluronic Acid Joint Supplement

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Baxyl® Joint delivers patented and proven ingredients to support & promote joint and bone health. Its proprietary ingredient - MHB3® Hyaluronan - is a natural hyaluronic acid (HA) bioidentical to the HA naturally produced by the body. It is unique to other hyaluronic acid supplements on the market due to its oral liquid formulation which allows for quick absorption and maximum efficacy.

Research-Proven Benefits:

  • Joint & Cartilage Health
  • Bone Health
  • Mobility & Flexibility
  • Tissue Hydration

Take one pump daily to alleviate joints, improve joint mobility & flexibility, support a healthy immune response, naturally restore joint tissues & cartilage, support healthy bone formation, and promote tissue hydration.

Baxyl® products are trusted by chiropractors, physical therapists, and doctors as an at-home health supplement for long-term joint support. Taken twice daily, patients begin noticing an improvement of joint health in only weeks! 

MHB3® Hyaluronan has been scientifically proven to be bioavailable, absorbed, efficacious, and safe. It confers greater and more consistent results than any other product in both short- and long-term care. MHB3 has been awarded eight U.S. Patents and is highly researched to be efficacious, allowing for best results (Hefner, 2012).

Why Is Baxyl® Better?

  • Complete joint supplement
  • Liquid formula for quick absorption
  • Research-proven
  • Expert recommended
  • 100% vegan-friendly
  • No macro value
  • Full ingredient traceability
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • High concentration
  • No known drug interactions
  • No known side effects
  • Gluten-Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • Calorie-Free
  • Soy-Free
  • Sugar-free
  • Non-GMO
  • Cruelty-free

Dosage Instructions2 pumps (1 tsp) orally twice daily for first 7 days followed by 1 pump (1/2 tsp) twice daily for maintenance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Sherry G.
Works, but don't like taste

Thick like aloe vera gel. Makes my joints feel better, so I still take it but wish it had a flavor

Baxyl REALLY works!

I’m in my mid-50’s and for the first time in my life, I’ve started to experience occasional joint pain, usually following a workout or some other form of physical activity (e.g., hiking). I actually inadvertently discovered this Baxyl product when purchasing some Hyaglo skin care products from this same company (BTW, the Hyaglo brand is also amazing, highly recommend!). Anyway, I decided to give this Baxyl product a try, and I am so glad I did! I noticed a perceptible increase in my joint relief within the first week. In a funny way, it was the lack of joint pain that surprised me, and I was thinking, “Wait what’s going on here, why do I feel different?” And I realized the difference was, I wasn’t still sore the next day after a workout. I will say, it’s important to be consistent about taking the supplement every day, because that’s where you’ll see the best results. I highly recommend this product!

Mark L.
What a Relief !!!

I have tried everything to alleviate the pain in my mother's knees , hips, shoulder, and hands and fingers. Nothing has worked until I discovered Baxyl ! Such an incredible product starts out with a teaspoon twice a day for a week, and it goes down to half a teaspoon twice a day every day. It does wonders ! Oh and by the way I forgot to mention that my mother will be 93 years old next month on the 7th of September. When she was younger she was a dancer, I actually hope to see her driving around on the dance floor again one day.. my mom is so important to me, she is The treasure of my life. So glad to have baxyl to help alleviate her pain. She has incredible pain in her fingers and rest on her right hand, from being a fourth grade teacher for 36 years. She used to stay after class every day to grade papers until 5:00 and 6:00 in the afternoon. It's caused her hands to sort of gnarl up like claws. Now with baxyl , her hands have opened up and the pain has receded remarkably. She really loves the fact that the product is tasteless and very easy to take. She broke her left shoulder in a fall last march. And I've been using baxyl to help that joint to mend and to alleviate the pain. I went to the orthopedic surgeon last month and he x-rayed her hip and said that it is quote shot. I've scheduled a full hip replacement for next May to address this problem. I intend to use baxyl to help in the rehab of this major joint knowing that it will help stabilize that area.. just a bplessing

Tim S.
Great Product

I've been using Baxyl Joint Relief for years and have been very satisfied with the results of the repair and relief that I have experienced. Thank you, Cogent, for making this product affordable and available.

Mary C.
Definite results!

I have owned a Natural Foods Store going on 23 years and I have never seen better, long lasting results with any other product.
By following the directions on the bottle, I experienced less joint pain, and inflamation. I even felt like I was standing up straighter!
The consistency is a bit wierd however with a little room temperature goes down easily.
I will not be without it on the shelves.
Great product, wonderful results.

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